Learn to Sew with Alison

I create a wonderfully warm and inviting space where you can learn exactly what you need to learn. With each stage of the journey, your confidence will grow, & you’ll find joy in creating clothes you’ll love to wear.

“Literally, the best teacher I’ve ever had. I LOVE what I make, and so does everyone else!”

Happy Sewer

Are you frustrated making clothes that don’t look or fit right and never get worn?
I will take you on a journey to confidently creating clothes that get compliments.

Learn to sew in group courses, workshops and 1:1 lessons held locally, in Bawtry, South Yorkshire, Chesterfield, Derbyshire and online with the Love & Stitches Club.

Alison x

Wherever you are in your

sewing and dressmaking journey

I will take you to the next step…

the skills builder stages

Stage One
Learn to sew - skills builders

Fledgling Sewist

The exciting starting point. You love sewing, maybe you've dabbled in a few pieces on your own, but now you need some guidance to improve. By the end of this stage, you'll be able to thread a sewing machine, sew straight lines, curves and corners, and sew a seam with an accurate seam allowance.

Stage TWO
Learn to sew - dress making classes in Bawtry & Chesterfield

First Garments

You've mastered the first steps, but you've never properly understood dressmaking patterns. With my support, you'll be able to understand how to select the right size, how to use the pattern and how to cut your fabric. You'll be able to make simple garments that pull on over the head or over the hips.

Stage THree
Learn to sew - with Alison Greer

Fastenings & Shaping

Now it's time to create shaping through curved seams, darts and other similar methods. You'll learn to do zips, buttons, buttonholes, and other fastenings. You'll also be working with waistbands and facings, and you'll be confidently comfortable using either knit or woven fabrics to do so.

Stage Four
Learn to sew - classes in Bawtry & Chesterfield

Fitting & Finessing

You're going to be able to alter a pattern to fit your body and to know what alterations you need to do to each pattern. You'll be understanding different seam finishes, and fully lining a garment. This is the stage that starts to elevate your clothing skills to a more professional finish.

Stage Five
Learn to sew - lessons in Bawtry & Chesterfield

Fabulous, Confident Clothes Maker

So we've reached the final stage of your skills builder journey. At this stage; you are confident that you can pick up a pattern and make any garment. You'll know that you've got the skills to interpret any pattern and to get the results that you want. You'll have made more complex items, and will be confident with many techniques, and have the skills to try succeeding with new, and advanced techniques. Not only that, but you'll be happy that you now know how to alter patterns for the perfect fit, creating a wardrobe that suits better than ever before!

Know your fabrics?

Understanding fabrics is the fastest way to build your fabric library without having to hope you're on the right track.

Download this FREE guide with the inside lowdown on what fabrics you can use to guarantee you clothes making triumphs!

The Love & Stitches Club

An exclusive membership club where you can learn to sew and create your own handmade clothes, from the comfort of your own home

Learn to create an entire wardrobe of wonderful, stylish outfits. Whatever your personal style, size and tastes, you’ll learn to make beautiful clothes that will last for years and gain compliments wherever you go.

Learn to sew - sewing lessons in Bawtry & Chesterfield with Alison Greer

Hi, I’m Alison

& my mission is:

To reach, inspire and empower as many people as possible to learn to sew their own clothes and to teach them the skills to make them better dressmakers.

I graduated with a degree in Fashion in 1999, and have spent years designing, sewing and dressmaking, honing my skills through bespoke dressmaking for a range of clients.

I started teaching monthly workshops and the classes and interest have been growing ever since. I’m known for my friendly and welcoming style, and have built a loyal following, enjoying Alison’s easy to understand teaching style and patient manner, their skills have grown too.

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Laura Hampton

Love & Stitches club member

Awesome, Alison, I love learning how to sew beautiful garments in the Love & Stitches Club - it is fantastic to have your video tutorials to keep referring back to if needed. I can also now make clothes for my granddaughter, who has soooo much trouble buying clothes that suit and fit her. I couldn't of done this without your help!


Love & Stitches Studio Class

I love sewing and have really pushed myself, and my skills. I was a total novice sewer when I started with Alison, although I still have a long way to go, I am amazed how my skills and confidence have grown.


Love & Stitches club member

I love my lessons with Alison, the support and friendship is great. Alison has taught me to be a bodger no longer. It's great to gain confidence with your machine and your own abilities. The only downside maybe a huge collection of fabric and patterns which need to be dispersed around the house, lol.