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You dream of stepping out in a wardrobe of clothes made by your own fair hand?

You are looking to catapult your sewing skills to the next level?

You want to learn to sew online, and at your own pace?

Yes? …then you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the
Love & Stitches Club

Love & Stitches is an exclusive member’s club where you can learn to sew online and create your own handmade clothes, from the comfort of your own home.

FORGET having to scour through the shop rails for clothes that suit you.
With the Love & Stitches club, you’ll learn to create an entire wardrobe of wonderful, stylish outfits. Whatever your personal style, size and tastes, you’ll learn to make beautiful clothes that will last for years and gain compliments wherever you go.

Learn to sew online at your own pace

Learn to sew online, and at your own pace

Thanks to our combination of online tutorial videos, live Q & A sessions, and our supportive online community, you can learn in your own time, and at a pace that works for you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner (we’ve all been there, so don’t worry!), or are looking to build on your existing skills, there’s a place in the Love & Stitches Club waiting for you.

see you on the inside

What’s it all about?

When you sign up to the Love & stitches Club, you’re gaining access to exclusive content, along with becoming part of an online community of like-minded people.

You will gain exclusive access to a space dedicated to your passion for sewing. You will learn to sew online, up level your skills, gain an immense amount of sewing confidence, and create the wardrobe of your dreams

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£17 a month


Skills Builder tutorials

Projects created

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The Love & Stitches membership includes:

member exclusive
Learn to sew online - monthly sew-alongs

Monthly Sew-Alongs

Every quarter, our members choose the next 3-months projects that we'll complete together. With bite-sized recorded videos that you can watch and sew along at a t time that suits you.

member exclusive
Learn to sew online - skills builder tutorials

Skill Builder Tutorial Videos

You'll have access to a growing library of skill builder tutorial videos, covering everything from zip application and buttons, to sewing curved seams and rolled hems. The unique search bar allows you to search not only for the video titles, but also the words spoken in the video.

member exclusive

Learning that fits around your life

Our videos are organised into bite-sized chunks so that you can dip in and out when you have time, or binge-watch several if you prefer. The videos are also subtitled, enabling you to watch with or without sound.

member exclusive
Learn to sew online - Q and A sessions

Q & A Sessions

Every fortnight, we have a live Q & A session on Zoom to answer all of your burning questions and have a good natter. Don't forget your cuppa!

member exclusive
Learn to sew online - discounted patterns & fabrics

Discounted fabric and patterns

You'll also have access to exclusive members discounts for fabric retailers and independent pattern designers.

member exclusive
Learn to sew online - exclusive facebook group

Exclusive Facebook group

Join our member-only community within the Love & Stitches Facebook group to connect with like-minded sewing enthusiasts, share your gorgeous makes, and ask for advice.

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Past Sew-Along Projects

Learn to sew online with Alison Greer
Learn to sew online in the Love & Stitches Club
Learn to sew online members club
Learn to sew online exclusive members club

meet your teacher

Alison Greer, Love & Stitches Club, Learn to Sew Online Memberships
Love & Stitches monthly 'learn to sew online' monthly membership club

Hello! I’m Alison

sewing professional

Hi, I’m Alison Greer, and I run the Love & Stitches Club. I’ve got over 25 years of experience in dressmaking, and have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge as a dressmaking tutor since 2015.

My face-to-face classes and workshops were put on hold when the world went into lockdown. Rather than being struck down, I realised that this presented a fantastic opportunity to reach more people and use my wealth of knowledge to teach the world to sew. & so the Love & Stitches Club was born.

Through our exclusive online club, our members are learning a new hobby, developing existing skills and connecting with like-minded people through our online community. I’m so proud of what we’ve already achieved, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing your garment making skills develop!

Alison x

Laura Hampton

Love & Stitches Club Member

Awesome, Alison, I love learning how to sew beautiful garments in the Love & Stitches Club - it is fantastic to have your video tutorials to keep referring back to if needed. I can also now make clothes for my granddaughter, who has soooo much trouble buying clothes that suit and fit her. I couldn't of done this without your help!


Love & Stitches Club Member

I've found the club content to be incredibly useful as I've started my garment-sewing endeavours. The sill focussed videos are helpful, and the sew-alongs! I learn by watching/doing, so sometimes the instructions with patterns don't always make clear sense to me, but after I see how you do something, I understand. I enjoy the conversation in the Facebook group ad all the positivity and encouragement is really helpful!


Love & Stitches Club Member

I love my lessons with Alison, the support and friendship is great. Alison has taught me to be a bodger no longer. It's great to gain confidence with your machine and your own abilities. The only downside maybe a huge collection of fabric and patterns which need to be dispersed around the house, lol.


Love & Stitches Club Member

Alison, you have made my day! I didn't realise there was so much to making the collar, but your video explains and demonstrates it really clearly, and I'm itching to have a go. Thanks so much, I've been wanting to do this for so long!


Love & Stitches Club Member

I have been doing Alison's Sew-Alongs and have made some clothes which I would not have thought possible at this entry level stage of my sewing journey. You cannot beat having those video tutorials with Alison taking you through the whole process from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Love & Stitches Club Member

I love sewing and have really pushed myself and skill since lockdown. The videos are so informative. I was a totally novice sewer when I started with Alison, although I still have a long way to go, I am amazed how my skills and confidence have grown.

why join the community?

Learn at your own pace

Your time, your pace. With the Love & Stitches Club, you gain an all-access pass to your own dashboard, where you can watch all lessons at a time that suits you.

Track your progress

Easily keep track of everything you’ve covered, lessons you’ve completed, and the stages of the journey you’re moving towards. Your personalised platform keeps you in check.

Friendly community

Become part of a friendly, like-minded community, jam packed full of a passion for sewing, learning and having fun. Get access to the private Facebook group when you join.

Get results!

Learning as part of a community is the fastest and most accurate way to get results without having to leave the house. Learn new skills, achieve new results. Love your wardrobe.

Practical Info: your FAQ

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Are videos live or prerecorded?
The Sew-Alongs, and Skills Builder Tutorials are recoded for you to watch at any time. The Q & A’s are live on Zoom, but they are recorded and added to the Love & Stitches Club for you to watch any time.
Is there a time limit on Sew-Alongs? Are they removed?
There is no time limit on the Sew-Alongs, and as long as you are a member, you will have access to past and present Sew-Alongs.
Can I make a suggestion for a future Sew-Along project?
Yes, you can. Just email me at sewalong@theloveandstitchesstudio.com
How do I cancel? Am I tied to a contract?

Your membership runs on a month-by-month basis, payable in advance. You can cancel at any time. When you cancel, you will no longer have access to any of the content on the Love & Stitches Club, and you will be removed from the Facebook group at the beginning of the next calendar month.

What date do you take a payment?

Your payment will be taken the same day every month. For example, if you sign up on the 4th of the month, then your payment will be taken on the 4th of each month.

What payment methods do you accept?
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Can I pay by PayPal?

No, you can only pay by credit or debit card.

I can't make the Q & A, can I still ask a question?

You can ask questions at any time in the Facebook group, or you can send me any questions by email, to hello@loveandstitchesstudio.com, and I will answer them in the next Q & A. The recording will be available the morning after the Q & A.

Do I have to be in the UK to join?

No, I welcome members from anywhere in the world.

Is it suitable for beginners?

There are definitely some beginner-friendly projects and there are more advanced ones too. There are skills builder tutorials that cover some of the basics. You are encouraged to answer questions in the Q & A’s or in the Facebook group. There are no stupid questions – everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone is here to learn. The more experienced members will often give advice too.

I've been sewing for a while, is this for me?

Members who have been sewing and making clothes for years have said they are always learning new things and different techniques that they hadn’t thought of using. You can get stuck in a bit of a rut when you sew alone and don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s what the Love & Stitches Club is here for: to help you become a fabulous and confident clothes’ maker.

I'm plus-size, do you do sew-alongs that cater for larger sizes??

I always try to choose Sew Along Projects from independent pattern designers that have an inclusive size range. Where this is not the case, I will endeavour to suggest similar alternative patterns which will cover many of the same techniques.

Do I have to join the Q & A with video?

You don’t have to join with video, you can keep your camera off if you prefer. Of course, it’s lovely to see your face, but I understand that not everyone is comfortable to do so. The Q & As are recorded and shared within the Love & Stitches Club. But don’t worry, only other paying members can watch them.

Do you cover menswear or childrenswear?

No, the focus is on womenswear. However, the skills are transferable and some of the projects have men’s or kids versions (e.g. the Pattydoo Hoodie)

Know your fabrics?

Understanding fabrics is the fastest way to build your fabric library without having to hope you're on the right track.

Download this FREE guide with the inside lowdown on what fabrics you can use to guarantee you clothes making triumphs!

Samantha Cole

Love & Stitches Club Member

It was the best decision I ever made, joining the Love & Stitches Club. I have learnt so much from Alison, and I don't think I would ever have achieved the new skills I have on my own. Would massively recommend! Thank you, Alison!

Emma Walsh

Love & Stitches Club Member

It was the best decision I ever made, joining the Love & Stitches Club. I have learnt so much from Alison, and I don't think I would ever have achieved the new skills I have on my own. Would massively recommend! Thank you, Alison!

Jay Harrington

Love & Stitches Studio Class

It was the best decision I ever made, joining the Love & Stitches Club. I have learnt so much from Alison, and I don't think I would ever have achieved the new skills I have on my own. Would massively recommend! Thank you, Alison!