10 Free Patterns to Sew Gifts

by | Dec 7, 2021

I’ve got some fab free patterns and tutorials for some! Some you can even make using scraps left over from other projects.

It’s getting closer to Christmas… and if you’re feeling the pressure of teacher gifts or extra stocking fillers. This patterns could be just the solutions you’re looking for. I think there are ideas here to delight even the pickiest of gift receivers. Plus it will be made with love!

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Patterns for Pirates – Fingerless Gloves

Image Credit: Patterns for Pirates

An ideal gift for anyone who works in a cold office or classroom. Using jersey scraps you can get creative making these out of the smallest pieces.

Patterns for Pirates – Scrunchie Crown

Image credit: Patterns for Pirates

I love this! A real statement accessory. I think I’d love this in a stretch velvet for maximum glam. Perfect for the drama queens in your life!

Tilly & the Buttons – Snuggly Slipper Boots

Image Credit: Tilly & the Buttons

Who doesn’t love toasty warm feet? These take a little more fabric, planning and skill than some of the other patterns on this list. But I think they would make a fabulous present.

Crafty Sew & Sew – 3D Face Mask

Free Patterns 3D face mask
Me in my much worn 3D Face Mask

Face masks are back in fashion! Give someone a fab personalised mask using some fabric that matches their interests. This is my favourite mask pattern for glasses wearers as they tuck neatly over the bridge of the nose. Which minimises glasses steaming up.

Stitch Sisters – Jersey Headbands

I’ve made a couple of these and they’re very useful. Easy to follow tutorial and super quick to make and don’t require much fabric.

Waves & Wild – Speedy Pants |Free Patterns

Waves & Wild are my first stop when searching for kids patterns. Easy to follow and exactly the kind of stuffs that kids love to wear. I’ve not made the kids version, but I have made the Wonder Undies which is the adults version. And they are awesome pants!

Get the Speedy Pattern Free Patterns here.

Waves & Wild – Crowning Glory

free patterns crowning glory
Image Credit: Waves & Wild

These would be brilliant to use instead of the tissue cracker crowns to have a more sustainable Christmas. They can become a part of your Christmas tradition and you could decorate them with everyone’s name or other holiday themed motifs.

Bombazine – Mitt

Image credit: Bombazine

Any budding or keen chefs would love this oven mitt and you can use up tiny cotton scraps creating a patchwork. Also a great housewarming gift.

Sasa Time – Scrunchie Tutorial

There are hundreds of scrunchie tutorials out there. But I’ve found this neat little trick creates a really professional finish.

Merchant & Mills – Bucket Hat

free patterns bucket hat
Image credit: Merchant & Mills

A great gift for anyone who loves the great outdoors. You could make this waterproof or cosy depending on your fabric.

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I hope you’ve found some inspiration in this selection. Making handmade gifts is a great way to show someone you care.

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

Disclaimer: I have not made all these free patterns, but I think they all look great and come from trusted sources. I am not affiliated with any of these designers nor make any money recommending these to you.

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