30 Reasons why Making Clothes is the Best!

by | Jun 4, 2021

Making clothes is the best hobby. It can become more than a lifestyle choice, than a hobby. Here are my reasons, can you think of any more?

  • What you wear is completely unique.
  • You can make something that is just your style.
  • Love a style? You can make one in every colour and fabric combo.
  • You can create a made to measure garment, just for you.
  • It’s means you can be safe that you can go to an event and there won’t be anyone else wearing the same dress
  • You can pick and choose fashion, styles and colours that work for your body and your lifestyle.
  • You can create personalised garments.
  • Adding pockets to each and every garment that you make.
  • You get the pleasure and satisfaction of actually making something useful and beautiful with your hands.
  • There’s always the possibility of mixing and matching things from different patterns to create exactly the look you want.


  • There are a million and one different fabrics available and you can pleasantly pass an afternoon browsing and stroking beautiful fabrics.
  • Fabric shopping is more fun than clothes shopping.
  • The only limit is your imagination
  • You can be as wild and wacky as you wish or as classic and elegant. The choice is truly yours.
  • Sewing expands your mind and keeps the brain active.
  • It’s fun to create matching outfits for all the family.
  • You can really drill down and concentrate on the details, such as perfect buttons or figuring out the best seam finish.
  • You never stop learning new things.
  • Learning the value of clothes and how long it actually takes to make something.
  • You can choose to make from more earth friendly and sustainable fabrics.
Making Clothes is the Best!
One of my Favourite Makes – Sew Liberated Lichen Duster from Upcycled Jeans

Compliments – Making Clothes is the Best

  • Getting compliments on something you’ve made feels amazing!
  • Sewing is a great stress-buster, it helps lots of people unwind.
  • You can meet a whole community of other sewists, both online and at in person classes and events.
  • You’re never bored, there is always some sewing to keep you busy.
  • You can more thoughtfully curate a wardrobe of coordinating pieces.
  • Inspiration comes from everywhere for clothes to make, film, TV, street style, high fashion, Pinterest, Instagram, vintage or retro styles.
  • There are more and more pattern designers out there catering to different body shapes and sizes and lots of different styles.
  • You are no longer tied to the seasons in the shops, you can make whatever you like, when you like it! Swimsuit in January anyone?
  • It teaches patience. As clothes are no longer instant fast fashion.
  • It brings you joy!

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Alison xx

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