Aim for Progress not Perfection

by | Jul 26, 2021

Progress not perfection is what you should be aiming for when learning a new skill. Sewing is the same as other skills. Such as learning to play a musical instrument or to speak a foreign language.

When students first come to me there is sometimes a bit of a disconnect between their expectations and their skill level.

We work together on a skills builder journey that takes students through from being a fledgling sewist to becoming a confident clothes maker. Through creating their very first garments, learning about fastenings and shaping, and getting to grips with fitting and finessing.

This is the same Skills Builder Journey that we work though in the Love & Stitches Club too.

Building on the right foundations is crucial to developing the skills to grow.

One of the best things you can do once you’ve got the basics down is to practice, practice, practice!

Remember the old adage: Practice makes perfect?

Well I’m not down with that?

Aiming for perfection often keeps us stuck in our ways because we are scared to fail! It is a form of procrastination.

I believe that “Practice makes progress!” And that is the ultimate aim!

To progress and grow your skills to improve and get better.

I’ve been chatting about this with some of my students this week. Some who are scared to try different techniques because they are new or more advanced.

The first time you try something new, you more than likely are going to be disappointed with the results. But with persistence and practice you will improve.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – your unpicker should be your friend!

One of the easiest thing to practice are your fabric handling skills. You can use fabric offcuts and put curves together and sew. Try creating a rolled hem on a curved offcut of fabric, for example.

Or using fabric scraps to practice your zips. Take the pressure off yourself of only inserting zips into actual garments.

Enjoy the process of learning of developing your skills and of progress over perfection.

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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