August 2020 Sew Along – Part 3 – Made my Wardrobe – Josie Bra & Pants – Methods for sewing elastic and sewing seams

by | Aug 14, 2020

Different methods of sewing elastic to lace/jersey and options for sewing seams.

This video turned out longer than I expected it to, but it is necessary to cover all the different methods. Each video segment has a text code on the screen to help make it easier when you are searching for the relevent techniques.

  • SPSE – Sewing plush elastic to a scalloped edge (lace)
  • SPRE – Sewing plush elastic to a raw edge (jersey)
  • SFRE – Sewing fold over elastic (FOE) to a raw edge (jersey)
  • FOE – Sewing fold over elastic to a raw edge – traditional method (jersey)
  • SERE – Scalloped edged elastic to a raw edge – decorative elastic (lace)
  • Zigzag seam jersey
  • Triple stitch seam jersey
  • Straight stitch lace
  • Overlocked seam lace
  • Overlocked seam jersey

Please ask in the comments if you have any questions.

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Alison xx 

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