Choosing the Right Fabric – Know your Fabrics

by | May 24, 2021

My students tell me that one of the trickiest things is choosing the right fabric to get the best results in their dressmaking project.

It’s hard when there’s such a massive choice of different fabrics out there and many websites use different terms to describe the same fabric.

So I’ve come up with a Know your Fabrics Printable to help you build a reference library of fabrics that you can refer to.

As you create and build your Know your Fabrics Library, it will then help you to:

  • catalogue your stash
  • increase your fabric knowledge
  • assist you in future fabric shopping decisions

The more information you collate about the fabrics you buy the more you will develop your fabric knowledge and increase your confidence in your choices.

It’s confusing that so many fabrics with completely different properties are made of the same things. For example, a cotton lawn would be completely wrong to make a pair of jeans from, but a cotton drill would be perfect.

Some patterns give fabric suggestions that are as vague as can be. Like suggesting cotton or linen or wool. These terms actually describe the fibres that make up the fabric rather than the fabric itself.

It is interesting to know the composition of the fabric you are using, but there are other more critical properties to choosing the right fabric and the success or otherwise of a garment.

  • Stretch or not stretch
  • Drapey or rigid
  • Light or heavy
  • Knitted or woven

All of these factors come into play and as you build your library you will better understand how types of fabric fit into these categories.

Download your Know your Fabric Printable

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