Colour me Happy! Choosing your Sewing Colour Palette

by | Jun 1, 2022

Well, colour me happy! The colours you wear are as personal and individual as you are. To me your clothes and the colours you wear are an artistic expression of yourself. A shorthand to express yourself and a way to lift your mood.

Colour Analysists such as Katie Portman Personal Stylist who will look at your skin, hair and eye colours and tell you which season you are and from that which colours suit you.

And there are even websites like Colorwise Me where you can upload a photo and it will give you a suggested colour palette. From this photo I’m a “Deep Winter” and these are the colours I should wear and the colours I should avoid.

But you might have guessed that I’m not a fan of “should” when it comes to your clothing choices. I think it’s much more important to wear what makes you feel good. And choosing colours that you are drawn to will make you feel happy.

Colour me Happy - wardrobe

This is my wardrobe! Busting at the seams with colour! I’ve always loved colour and felt confident picking colours that I enjoy wearing. That colour me happy!

But what if you’re not? Do you play it safe with colours? Stick to neutrals such as navy? Or do you only wear black but you’d love to wear more colours?

I suggest going to a fabric shop, such as Waltons, and looking at the colours you are drawn to. Hold them up against yourself in a mirror in natural light. Decide which ones you love. Trust your instincts on this but don’t give in to the voice of fear.

Start with small amounts of colour for example accessories or a contrast panel. You can ease yourself into colour gently.

If you’re not sure of putting different colours together which is a way to build a wardrobe of separates that you can easily mix and match, use a colour palette generator like this one from Canva. That way you won’t end up with a lot of random items that don’t really work together.

But take this as your permission to play with colour and create those clothes that will colour you happy!

My threads show my colour palette

Now you’ve decided on a colour do you need help choosing a fabric and a pattern?

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Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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