Focus – My word for 2016

by | Jan 5, 2016

Each new year, for the past few years, instead of a New Years Resolution I have set myself a word of intention for the year.

The word of 2014 was LOVE and in April 2014 I found the love of my life, Gary. That’s a pretty impressive result from just setting my intention with a single word.

The word of 2015 was BALANCE and I believe a achieved a more balanced life. My attitude to food, excercise and health became more balanced as I tried to do both for health and not just to look a certain way. My home and work life also became more balanced as Gary’s work life was more in tune with my own. In fact Gary started work at the same company as me and although we don’t usually work in the same office we regularly have to speak as part of the natural course of business.

And the word of 2016 is FOCUS. Focus on my goals, to acheiving my dreams, to take control of my life and live it exactly how I want it.

I intend to start monthly BagLadyBird – Learn to Sew workshops and one to one dressmaking lessons, as well as the building on the existing bespoke dressmaking service I offer.

If you would like to work with me in any of these ways, please contact me by email telephone on 07957 437001 or on my Facebook Page

Alison xx

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