Gifting Handmade Clothes

by | Nov 15, 2021

Gifting handmade clothes to those you love is such an exquisite thing. It takes thought and care and attention to get it just right. And that is part of the beauty of giving handmade; that it is so personal made with love.

I have given my family gifts of clothes that I have made for them and I have a few ideas to help you get it right.

Only give to those who will appreciate

I have heard so many stories on the grapevine about ungrateful recipients who did not appreciate the value of a handmade gift. That’s ok, not everyone gets it!

So choose the lucky ones with care! You know if your loved ones will turn their nose up at your beautiful handmade gift or if they will treasure it forever. Those who understand that the little imperfections are what makes handmade items unique.

Choose the right project

I have a few tried and tested patterns that I know and love and they make perfect gifts.

Everyone loves a hoodie in my family. I’ve made them for Gary (46), Jack (11) and my little nieces (3 & 6).

Read more about the Scrap Busting Hoodies here.

PJs or Dressing Gowns also make great gifts and you can make fabric choices based on your recipients interests.

I have 2 PJ patterns in stock.

  • Closet Core Patterns – Carolyn Pajamas – £19 (Difficulty rating 3/5) Sew Along available to all Love & Stitches Club Members.
  • Tilly & the Buttons – Jaimie Bottoms – £13 (For Beginners)

Email if you want to order. (P&P £2)

Add your own labels

You can get some great labels to put in your clothes. It’s with these little touches that you can really make your gift more personal.

gifting handmade clothes - labels
Hold Yourself Label on India’s Hoodie

I love the ones from Kylie & the Machine and I currently have the following ones in stock (£5.50 for a pack of 8 – email me at to place an order.)

Give yourself plenty of time

Making clothes inevitably takes longer than you expect it to. So plan ahead. Allow yourself plenty of time and then allow some more time. Because invariably in life something unexpected crops up!

Believe me; there’s nothing more stressful than sewing clothes at the 11th hour! Sewing under pressure is where silly mistakes happen. We’ve all seen that on the Great British Sewing Bee!

Let me know in the comments below if your planning on gifting handmade clothes this year.

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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