Hero Dressmaking Patterns of Lockdown 3!

by | Feb 8, 2021

Back in April 2020 I wrote about my 6 hero dressmaking patterns of the lockdown so far! Now we’re back in lockdown for the third time and my clothing choices haven’t changed that much!

Read the original post here.

I’m still wearing all the clothes I was wearing back in April as they are the sort of clothes that bring comfort and cosiness.

But now we’re 10 months on and I want even more from my clothes – I want them to feel like a hug!

Only the cosiest, warmest clothes will do! Generally I’m not such a fan of winter clothes I’m a summer baby and love to feel the warm sun on my skin. But as it is yet another snow day, I thought I’d tell you about the patterns that have given me cosy comfort over the last 5 weeks.

Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan

This longline version of the Blackwood Cardigan is a definitely a big hug. The sleeves are super long, so you can keep your hands warm and you can wrap the cardi around you in a literal self-hug.

Hero dressmaking pattern - Helen's closet Blackwood Cardigan

I made it in this cosy organic sweatshirting from Fabric Godmother and it is just so cosy.

PattyDoo Lynn Hoodie

The Lynn Hoodie is my most recent make, made as part of the February Sew Along in the Learn to Sew Membership Club. You can find the fabric here at First for Fabrics.

I really love the details on this pattern. The topstitched pockets, overlapping asymmetric hood, leather details on the hood cord and the thumb hole cuffs just really elevate it to a really special premium garment. It’s details like this that differentiate designer clothes for high street versions. And you can do it all to your own specifications, this to me is the magic of sewing your own clothes.

There is also a men’s version of this (the Tony Hoodie) which I’ve now made twice for Gary. I was a little envious of those, and I’m so glad I’ve now got my very own version.

Made my Wardrobe Zahra Jumper

The Zahra Jumper was the January Sew Along and it couldn’t have been a more timely make as I’ve worn it over so many outfits to keep my neck all snuggly warm during the longest of cold months!

This cable knit was from Fabrics for All and it just fits with my personal colour palette so well. I’ve that I’ve mixed and matched it with some quirky combinations but the cropped length and colour make it work.

Hero dressmaking patterns - Made my Wardrobe Zahra Jumper

It’s the first thing I’ve made for myself that is cropped – but I must admit that I have enjoyed the way it has allowed me to play with the proportions of the clothes I have paired it with. It works fab over dresses without me feeling swamped.

Itch to Stitch Hepburn Turtleneck

The Hepburn wasn’t a new make at all. I made 2 of these a couple of years ago. I’ve got one is a viscose jersey and another in a turquoise lurex rib fabric and because I made them in fabrics in my colour palette they work so well under so many of my dresses and more lightweight tops.

They have been perfect when I’ve wanted to dress up a bit but still want to feel all cosy. I have also thought of pattern hacking with the Pipe Dream Patterns Tara Basic Bodysuit pattern to create the perfect turtleneck bodysuit and keep the small of my back from getting drafty!

Because they’re a layering item I haven’t got any pictures of them, but if you watch closely you can sneak a peek at me wearing them in these recent YouTube videos.

What have been your hero dressmaking patterns of lockdown 3? I’d love to know what you’ve been wearing most.

Now my making plans are turning to warmer weather wear. I’ll be doing a spring wardrobe audit in the next few weeks to decide exactly what I want and need to make.

Have you been thinking about spring/summer? What are you going to make?

Love & Stitches ====

Alison xxx

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