Lesson Learned – Do not be afraid to start

by | Mar 15, 2014

fearFor such a long time already I have had ideas running around in my head about how I am going to make my dream come true of earning my living from being creative.
I have had various false starts and had my fingers burned which had left me in a position of fear. Fear of failure. However, “There is no failure, except in no longer trying” (Elbert Hubbard).
So once again I pick myself up dust myself off and try again…
The fear now becomes a fear of starting. What happens if I do it wrong? What happens if I sell nothing? What happens if I can’t make it work this time?
Fear is limiting. I must look at the blank canvas and start, if it doesn’t work it’s an experiment on the way to success.
Too much time thinking and not enough doing, so on that note I go and I begin again.

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