Long Lasting Pyjamas for Kids

by | Nov 29, 2021

I made my step-son Jack these long lasting pyjamas back in 2018 when he was just 8 years old. Jack is now about to turn 12 and these are still his favourite PJs. Despite the fact that they are a Christmas fabric, Jack loves them and wears them all year round.

Long lasting pyjamas

We now call them the “Trigger’s Broom” of pyjamas there isn’t a part that hasn’t been upgraded!

These are the repairs/alterations that have happened to these long lasting pyjamas. I’ve tried to keep in in chronological order, but I didn’t keep a record of this as I was doing it. So they may or may not have happened in a slightly different order.

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Lengthening the legs

What can I say about this? The boy grew! I had left over fabric and I just unpicked the existing hem and added a band at the bottom.

Replacing buttons

I don’t know what Jack does in his sleep but he’s lost some buttons. Luckily I had bought more of these green buttons than I needed.

Lengthening the sleeves

The same thing here. Jack limbs have grown but he hasn’t got any wider. So I unpicked the hem and added a 5 inch band to the bottom of each sleeve and hemmed the new band with a 1 inch hem.

Repairing tear in the knee

The fabric at the knee wore thin and tore. I unpicked the leg seams and sewed on a patch (of the same fabric) over the full width of the fabric. I then worked a zigzag stitch over the weakened fabric and then sewed the up the trouser leg seams again.

Repairing rip in the front of the top

Not sure how this one happened, but they are suffering some wear and tear. I think Jack maybe caught the button on something which ripped the fabric on the front of the pyjama top. I stitched the torn area with a zig zag stitch through the main fabric and the facing. I also top stitched the edges of the facings to the front of the PJs to hold them in place. Previously they had been flapping loose. I also replaced a button.

long lasting pjyamas

Repairing tear in the top side seam

The fabric actually ripped, not the stitches. I think this was because the thread which is 100% polyester is stronger than the fabric. Which is 100% cotton. This is why purists say that you should only use cotton thread with cotton fabric. Then the thread in the seam would have broken rather than breaking the fabric itself.

I’m working on this at the minute when I get little snippets of time. I will patch and zigzag as with the previous repairs.

Lengthening top

This is also a work in progress and will take a little longer than some of the other repairs. Jack’s body seems to have caught up with his arms and legs and it’s starting to look like a crop top on him!

First I will sew up the side seam splits. Then I will add a 5 inch section to the bottom, sew a 1” hem. Finally I’ll add a button & buttonhole on the front.

*** Top Secret *** I’ve bought some new fabric and a pattern to make Jack some new Long Lasting Pyjamas, which I’m hoping will last until he’s at least 16!

New long lasting pjyamas

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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