My 6 Hero Dressmaking Patterns of the Lockdown so far…

by | Apr 2, 2020

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I know in the UK we’ve only been in Government imposed “lockdown” for less than 2 weeks right now, but the type of clothes I’m putting on in a morning is drastically different from my norm.

Right now, we’re not leaving the house (except for essential supplies and 1 exercise session per day) and it means I’m dressing with comfort as my number one priority, but that doesn’t mean that I want to totally forego my sense of style.


The clothes I’ve made from these patterns have been my lockdown heroes!

All these patterns are available as PDF downloads so you can print them off and get sewing today.

1. Paper Theory Patterns LB Pullover

I love wearing natural fibres and this linen is no exception. So relaxed and comfortable but also feels chic. I made this a while ago and I’ve worn it so much more than I thought I would.

Fabric from 1st for Fabrics

I made this... Paper Theory LB Pullover

2. Sew Liberated Stasia Dress

This was my first make during iSEWlation but I’d had it planned for a while beforehand, just hadn’t found the sewing time to make it. It was as really quick make. A jersey dress is always a comfy option and this one feels like secrert pyjamas, you might have seen me raving about it on my Facebook page. The fabric was from Economy Fabrics near Chesterfield.

PS. It has pockets & accessorizes perfectly with slippers!

I made this... Sew Liberated Stasia Dress

3. Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks

Another thing I’m wearing a lot at the minute that’s made from linen. (This time a tuquoise linen from Waltons Fabrics.) My Free Range Slacks are another secret pyjama. I’ve made the tapered leg version, but they are still relaxed, casual and comfortable. They have super deep pockets and and elasticated waistband which are a definite plus in my book. They are no a particularly quick make but they have lots of great construction details, like flat fell and french seams which set them apart and make them feel luxe.

I haven’t got a photo of me in my Free Range Slacks, but you can check them out here:

4. Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater

This has been another saviour of my iSEWlation. It’s so soft and cosy and feels like a hug in sweater form. The fabric was gifted by one of my students (thanks Nita), so I’m not sure of it’s origins. I had a copy of the Simplicity version of this pattern (Simplicity 8529) in my stash (which I had got free with a magazine ages ago) and I thought the fabric was perfect. If you click on the pattern name above, the link will take you direct to the PDF version of the Toaster Sweater on the Sew House Seven website.


5. True Bias Ogden Cami

Perfect for layering under jumpers and cardigans. I made two of these a few years ago and they are in regular rotation especially when the weather starts to warm up. They are easy to make and effortless to wear, which makes them a real winner in my book.

Plain viscose from 1st for Fabrics (they no longer have this colourway but you can see other colours here). Pink & white geometric fabric from Miss Cloe several years ago, so no loner available.

6. Made my Wardrobe Josie Bra & Pants

I was planning a Josie Bra & Pants workshop before the coronavirus hit, and although plans for that have had to go on hold for now I still think they are ideal for wearing when staying at home! (And for leaving the house too, just remember to out clothes on over the top!)

The pants are large giving ample coverage making you feel snug. I haven’t quite finished the bra yet. I ran out of elastic and am waiting for an order from a different supplier to arrive, but I have been wearing other soft cup bras and let me tell you it feels so good as a busty girl not to wear an underwire all the time!

Look out for this workshop coming after lockdown!

The pink jersey was from ebay and some of the elastic was from Diane’s Fabrics and More.


I’d love to hear about which of your me-made clothes are working hardest for you right now! Please comment below.

Have you been using your time in lockdown wisely and have managed to get more time to sew? Yay! Go you!

If however you’ve become stuck and need some extra help you can book a 30 minute one to one Learn to Sew by Zoom video lesson with me here for £10.

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Alison xx

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