My Me Made May Pledge 2022

by | May 16, 2022

Me Made May is one of those challenges that I really love to join. It’s low pressure as you can make it work for your own needs.

It is a challenge started and co-ordinated by Zoe Edwards of the blog: So, Zo… What do you know? And is now in it’s 13th year.

From Zoe’s post launching Me Made May 2022

MMM is a wardrobe challenge that helps you improve your relationship with your handmade items. It can also teach you what to make (and not make) in the future! To participate you need to wear your handmade items more often or in some way differently to how you usually get dressed. This is an individual challenge so you will decide on the specifics for yourself. The point of doing this is to give yourself the opportunity to learn some useful lessons and/or alter how you feel about those items. There is no set, single pledge because everyone is different, with different lives and different goals, so participants set the specifics of their own pledge so that it’ll be challenging and useful for them. The challenge happens by setting specifics for yourself that will be a bit difficult, but do-able.

My Me Made May 2022 Pledge

I, Alison Greer, pledge to wear my me made wardrobe to help audit my wardrobe and plan future makes throughout May 2022.

Some people use it as a way to wear their makes every day during May, but as I wear me-made clothes pretty much every day anyway, so that isn’t much of a challenge.

I prefer to use Me Made May as a way to audit my wardrobe and plan my future sewing.

So at halfway through the month, I’ve been considering what I’ve been wearing a lot and those items then get worn less.

One thing I know I need more of is jeans. These jeans have been on my sewing plans list for at least 12 months (maybe more). I just looked it up, I bought the Ash Curve Jeans pattern from Megan Nielsen in April 2021.

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I’m at the point about thinking of buying a pair of ready to wear jeans, but I’d rather have some I’ve made myself. Especially as I’ve already got all the supplies I need. So these are number one on my list of priority sewing.

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I’m finding I’m reaching for more separates at the minute rather than dresses or jumpsuits, and I’m short of trousers in general. So I’m also planning a cropped pair of the Cashmerette Calder Pants. Which will be lovely for summer in this stripy viscose.

Me Made May Pledge - calder pants

Coming up in the Love & Stitches Club over the next few months we’ve got:

  • June – Zero Waste Pattern – this is the Cris Wood Sews Parasol Dress & Top. I’ve just finished recording the sew along for this this afternoon, so look out for photos coming soon.
  • July – Activewear leggings
  • August – Pinafore Dresses
  • September – Knit Top – twists, gathers or pleats

Love & Stitches Club members are voting on the July, August & September sew alongs now (polls close on Wednesday at 10am).

So I think I’ve got my Me Made May challenge wrapped up and I know what I’m going to be sewing this Summer.

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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