Opening up Again! Light at the end of the Tunnel

by | Apr 6, 2021

I’m happy to tell you that I’ll be opening up again for in person one to one lessons in my Studio in Bawtry from Monday 12th April!

There definitely feels like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that happier, lighter, freer days are coming. I’ve got my first vaccine booked in for this coming Thursday. And I must say that I’ve never felt so excited to be stuck with a needle in all my life!

Normally that’s a sewing accident that you don’t want to happen!

I’m still holding off announcing dates for group courses and workshops. But this will be at Step 3 in the Government’s Roadmap, not before 17th May.

Booking your lessons

I have 15 of you lovely students who had booked onto courses that were postponed due to lockdown. You are my priority once we have confirmation of Step 3 dates to book you onto new dates.

Once all these students who have been patiently waiting are booked onto new courses, then the next priority is anyone who purchased a Beat the Price Rise Voucher during this lockdown. Before opening new course dates up to the general public.

You can still buy a Beat the Price Rise Voucher for £135 until 10am on Monday 12th April. Sewing School – 5 week dressmaking course was £135. This price will be increasing when new dates are launched.

opening up again

I’m looking forward to welcoming you back into my studio! I miss seeing your smiling faces! The reactions of pure joy when you try something on for the first time. Hoots of laughter at a shared joke. Even the air turning blue when the unpicker has to come out. All these things that are part of the sewing together experience!

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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