September 2020 Sew Along – Part 1 – Paper Theory – Zadie Jumpsuit – Gathering supplies

by | Aug 19, 2020

The Sew Along for September will be the Zadie Jumsuit from Paper Theory. If you’re joining in, then gather your supplies.

The  Zadie pattern comes in 2 seperate size ranges 6-20 and 16-28. Select the size range which works best for you, to decide on how much fabric you need to order. 

We will go into sizing a bit more in Part 2 of this Sew Along.

The following charts tell you how much fabric you will need to make your Zadie Jumpsuit. Paper Theory Patterns are really economical on the yardage required, and base the fabric requirements on cutting on a flat layout which takes less fabric than if you are cutting on the fold.  Most peoples sewing spaces do not have enough room for cutting out on the flat, so if you can allow a little extra for wiggle room. 

You will only need fabric and matching thread for this project.

I will be ordering patterns from the printer when I return to work on 1st September, if you want me to order a copy for you they will be £19 (+ £1.50 P&P). Just send me a message and let me know which size range you want I will send you an invoice.

Alternatively you can order directly from Paper Theory Patterns and print at home or arange to have printed yourself.

This is the fabric I have ordered from Fabrics for All now appears to be out of stock, but they still have loads of fabulous fabrics that would be suitable. Silk Members remember you can get 10% discount on your order from Fabrics for All using the discount code which can be found here.

If you have any questions about fabrics or the pattern, please ask in the comments below as others might have the same questions.

Click below to find the other videos in this Sew Along

Alison xx

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