Sew Along August 2020 Made My Wardrobe Josie Bra & Pants Part 5 – Making the Bra

by | Aug 27, 2020

Making the bra:

  • Attaching the elastic to the straps
  • Sew the cup pieces together
  • Sew the band to the cups
  • Fit the bra
  • Add the ring and the hook & eye fastener 

Click here for an extra video within the Facebook Group on putting the bra cups together. 

This was the first set I made in jersey only with a longer band.

This is the set I made during the Sew Along in Lace & Jersey with the shorter band:

I loved my first set and they have seen many wears and washes in these photos, but I am totally over the moon with the second set. 

With the second set, I have improved my technique for applying the elastic and hopefully you will also get the benefit of this improvement too.

You will also improve, so make more than one set and hone your skills.

 Click below to find the other videos in this Sew Along

Alison xx

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