Sew Every Day in Lockdown 2 – A personal challenge!

by | Nov 6, 2020

As England moved into a second period of lockdown yesterday I was inspired to set myself a challenge to Sew Every Day in Lockdown 2.

From chatting with my students, I know that sewing was a saviour for a lot of people during the first lockdown. A real stress busting activity that helped to soothe troubled minds.

I also know that I do not sew as much as I would personally like to. There is a pile of projects lining up. I have a fighting chance, by setting myself this challenge, to get through these planned projects.

To help keep me accountable, I decided that I would share my progress in a brand new Facebook Group – Sew Every Day in Lockdown 2 – and invite others to join me.

Whether you just want to observe and support my challenge or if you want to set yourself a sewing challenge for this period of Lockdown. You are welcome.

My personal challenge is to Sew Every Day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll be putting needle to fabric every day. Some days, for instance, I might be cutting out, or prepping patterns, sourcing supplies or other sewing related actions. So I will document this daily in the Facebook Group with photos and videos.

This a challenge to inspire and motivate others, I don’t want anyone to feel the pressure or shamed by participating. I hope you enjoy it.

The group will be (like all my sewing spaces) a welcoming, supportive and encouraging place to join. It is completely free of charge and free of obligation.

I’ve been busy. Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Day 1 – (Yesterday) Thursday

Firstly, I Recorded a video for the November Sew Along in the Learn to Sew Membership Club – cutting out the Pipe Dreams Patterns Tara Basic bodysuit

I had enough spare fabric left over, so I cut out a pair of Made My Wardrobe Josie Pants in this lovely soft bamboo lycra.

Sew Every Day - Day 1

Prewashed some fabric and some of it is destined to be a Friday Pattern Co Adrianna Dress. Which do you like best?

Day 2 – (Today) Friday

Received a delivery of some fabulous organic cotton lycra from Made my Wardrobe. And it is destined to be turned into some basics for layering to help keep me warm this winter. Right now, this is in the washing machine being prewashed.

I am planning to finish the ties on this hoodie that I recently made for Gary. And make another facemask for Jack. Also I will hopefully squeeze in some time to start sewing up my cosy Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan.

Day 3 & 4 – Saturday & Sunday

I plan to do some hand sewing because I want to strengthen the top of this Amaya Shirt so it doesn’t split down the front.

Sew Every Day - Day 3

And I’ve bought a chain which I want to sew into my Technicolour Jean Coat for ease of hanging it up.

Sew Every Day - Day 4

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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