Sew Zips in Clothes with Ease

by | May 9, 2022

Do you avoid making patterns that include zips? Because you are terrified to try sewing in a zip for the first time? Or you’ve tried to insert a zip before and made a bit of a mess of it?

Sewing a zip can feel a little tricky if you’ve only been used to sewing fabric to fabric. But if you follow some simple tips and take it step by step and practice, practice, practice you will soon get the knack!

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Secret Weapons

I have a couple of secret weapons up my sleeve when it comes to sewing zips.

The first is wonder tape or double sided quilters tape (buy yours here).

I use this instead of pins or tacking. And it makes zips so much easier. You can see how I use wonder tape in the video tutorials for 3 different types of zip application below.

My second secret weapon is that I buy a zip at least 2 inches (5cms) longer that I need. This allows you to sew the zip without having to navigate your way around the bulky zipper pull.

With these two tricks in your playbook you’ll soon be confidently sew zips in clothes with ease.

Watch my method for Flawless Invisible Zips here:

Click here to get the step by step printable instructions.

Watch How to Sew A Lapped Zip – No Pin Method here:

Centred Zip Application – No Pin Method – Watch Here:

Give it a go on some scrap fabric or a toile of your next project. The more you practice these skills the better your execution of the techniques become.

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You can let more on how to develop your zip skills and more at Sewing School in person group courses.

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