Sewing Goals for 2021

by | Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year! At the start of a new year, I love to think about setting goals. What are my Sewing Goals for 2021? What are your Sewing Goals for 2021? And how can I help you to achieve them?


My Sewing Goals

The Charm Patterns Princess Coat

The Princess Coat has been on my list since the pattern was released in 2019! I even bought the pattern on pre-order, that was how much I knew I wanted to make this coat.

Sewing Goals for 2021 - Princess Coat

But life got too busy and it slipped down my list of priorities, so it never happened. Also I made my Technicolour Jean Coat which I finished in Autumn 2020. Because of this and the fact that we were going out less due to lockdowns etc meant I didn’t need to make another coat.

The patten is all printed out ready to go, I just need to find the perfect fabric! But I also want to create a toile (mock-up garment) to alter the fit if required. I want this to be another heirloom coat that I wear for years to come.

Another Pair of Jeans

Last year I made myself the Ginger Jeans from Closet Core Patterns. I love them, but have put on some lockdown pounds and they no longer fit comfortably. So this year I need to make myself another pair of jeans.

Sewing Goals 2021 new jeans

I’ve got some decisions to make on this though. What pattern do I go for?

  • Cashmerette, Ames Jeans: because they come in a pear or apple fit and might require less alterations to the pattern to fit me?

Your Sewing Goals for 2021

I asked on my Facebook page and in my newsletter for you to tell me your Sewing Goals for 2021. Here’s what some of you said!

“To learn to read a pattern to make my own clothes.”

Julie N

“I want to learn how to use my overlocker. Been in box over 2 years now.”

Lesley B

“To use a new material, other than jersey, corduroy and cotton lawn. To get more organised and plan my projects rather than them planning me. I’d also like to learn a new technique or two, and hopefully will be able to fit and adjust patterns after my dressmaking course. I’d also like to find some new patterns too, have done a lot of Tilly and the Buttons, just looking for something else now.”

Lucy S

“I would like to be able to do “pretty things” like quilting and free motion embroidery as well as getting back to making clothes again. I’ve told my family and friends that they will be getting homemade presents for birthdays and Christmas this year.”

Rosaleen C

“My sewing goals are to try to make things out of the 1metreish scraps I have left over and to make garments that go with things I have already seen. I also want to use up some of the fabric I have bought before I buy anymore.

So to summarise:

A merchant and mills shirt dress in needlecord

A pair of Jersey pj bottoms for Keith that fit!

An Amaya blouse made from vintage tablecloths

A pair of Safiya trousers in 9oz denim

A pair of dungarees in 9oz denim

A Coco dress in Jersey

Then little projects to use scraps, e.g. bags etc. Any ideas would be great.” Helen W

Helen W

Aren’t these amazing goals? I’m 100% here to help you all acheive your sewing goals.

How I can Help you Achieve your Goals

Usually at this time of year, I am teaching dozens of students, new and old, in my Sewing School 5 week dressmaking courses. And also in one to one lessons and one day workshops. However this year these have been postponed due to the current tier restrictions in England.

I will be shouting it from the rooftops once classes can begin again. But for now, there are still ways that I can help you…

I’m planning a Sewing Basics Course for beginners to access lessons for sewing techniques online too. Sign up to my Newsletter here so you don’t miss hearing about it once it is ready to launch!

I’d love to hear what your Sewing Goals are for 2021, you can post them in the comments below.

Love & stitches —-

Alison xx

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