Student Stories – Amanda B

by | Dec 7, 2020

Student Stories 2020 – A series of interviews with Sewing School Students in their own words (1 of 5)

Do you remember the first garment you made?

The first proper thing I can remember doing was a skater style skirt. With a waist band and a gathered rectangle for the bottom made from a pair of curtains I got in a charity shop. Very embarrassed when I went into a local pub in my fab skirt thinking I looked awesome. Only to find out the pub loo had the same curtains!!!!!

Weirdly it had a zip at the back and I don’t recall messing that one up!

I think I must have got the pattern in the 80’s from ‘Make it easy’. Which I avidly bought every week. I loved it!

(Sadly, no photos!)

What is your greatest sewing accomplishment to date?

My greatest make so far has to be the ‘whale shirt’. I made it for my lovely husband for his birthday last year at your sewing school classes. And it fitted perfectly and he was really pleased with it.

What made you start lessons with Bagladybird?

First started lessons as my mother in law kindly gave me some money for helping with my late father in laws estate. So rather than having the money disappear on boring things like bills.  I chose Bagladybird lessons at StraightCurves instead. I made a Sew Over It dress which was far more complicated than I was capable of at the time. But with your encouragement we did it! I’ve never looked back.

Student Stories - Amanda B

What have you learnt with Bagladybird?

I have learnt everything from scratch. From measuring, laying out patterns, cutting, sizing, full arm adjustments and now learned how to fit dungarees with your help.

What’s on your sewing table right now?

I’m making my friend some Tilly and the Buttons jersey Juno PJs for Christmas. Just finished making my mum another Nora top with patch pocket for her hankie for Christmas!

What’s next?

I’ve bought all the supplies for the Josie bra and pants and watched your tutorial twice in preparation. It will be the first time sewing with slippy lace fabrics. So it will be good to learn something new.

I have also got some red French velvet for a quick Friday Pattern Company Adrianna dress with fab HUGE sleeves to do for Christmas day. Not used to wearing red either. Get me!

You will note none of these things has a zip lol. I really must gaffer zips. My brain just can’t understand. Practice makes perfect?!

What do you love about Bagladybird lessons?

Everything about my lessons! I love your patience and experience. You are a great teacher. And I love the company of the other fab students and yourself of course. Especially if I get you all to myself!

I’m so proud of my makes. The lessons give me confidence to try things myself. So that I really feel it is therapy for me. I slow down, don’t think of work, relax and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I’m looking forward to resuming lessons next year with my friend. Then will book more in with my Christmas pennies from my mum!!!!! The next garment better have a zip I suppose.

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