Student Stories – Sadie B

by | Dec 10, 2020

Student Stories 2020 – A series of interviews with Sewing School Students and their garment sewing in their own words (4 of 5)

Do you remember the first garment you made?

The first garment I ever made was a pair of PJ bottoms. They were the Margot PJs by Tilly & the Buttons. I happened to meet Tilly in Sheffield at a selling handmade workshop that was being run by Folksy. There were quite a few famous guest speakers were there. I was making wedding stationery at the time.

I’d never watched Sewing Bee up to this point, but her speech was inspirational. So after a brief conversation waiting in line for the toilet I sought to look her up. Which resulted in me buying her book & giving the PJs a go. I bought the fabric from John Lewis & if all told I could have bought them cheaper. But they were fun to make. I’ve not stopped sewing since then!

First garment - Pyjamas

What is your greatest sewing accomplishment to date?

I think my biggest sewing accomplishment was a hacking jacket. It was the first garment I’d ever made like it before. I decided to do Hong Kong seams inside which in itself was a challenge. Especially as my experience was quite limited with this type of sewing.

I’ve also accomplished 2 pairs of jeans now which I’m super proud of. Alison at Bagladybird guided me with this sew and taught me lots of new techniques.

What have you learnt with Bagladybird?

Alison has taught me too many things to list. She always has a fab way to do something to make it easier or the end result more professional. For example, Alison has mainly taught me to be more relaxed with my sewing & not always follow the pattern to the letter. To quote ‘it’s your item, you’re the designer you can do what you like’.

What’s on your sewing table right now?

Currently on my sewing table I’m finishing off a waistcoat for my husband for Christmas.

first garment - husbands waistcoat

What’s next?

Going forward, I would love to earn a few pennies from my creative skills. However I know I have lots more to learn. I’m very much looking forward to enjoying the journey that I find myself on with every new sewing project.

What do you love about Bagladybird lessons?

I love going to the lessons as I don’t feel like an island when meeting up with fellow sewists. (I don’t like the word sewers!) It’s lovely to share ideas and have a laugh at the same time.

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