Style Arc Bob Pants – A little gusset

by | Jul 22, 2022

I made these Style Arc Bob Pants as part of a sew along in the Love & Stitches Club last year and I wore them a few times.

However, I was conscious of the V shaped drag lines from the crotch up to the waistline. The Bob Pants are the right size for me over the waist and hips but there was clearly a fitting issue. They were put to one side while I pondered the issue.

Style Arc Bob Pants

I found the photo below online and it brought to mind my discarded Bob Pants and I definitely have full inner thighs. It took a bit of time to track down the book that this photo was from. It’s an out of print book called The Perfect Fit.

I ordered the book a few times and one got lost in the post another was refunded by the seller. And eventually I ended up with a reasonably priced copy. Actually I ended up with 2 copies as the lost in the post one turned up, but that’s another story.

Style Arc Bob Pants - perfect fit

Finding a solution

The solution provided in the book wouldn’t work to adjust a pair of trousers that were already made up. So I came up with another solution for my Style Arc Bob Pants.

I created a diamond shaped gusset to add into the inside leg seams to add width to the inner thigh.

Style Arc Bob Pants gusset

I must admit I did just guestimate how big the gusset needed to be and it could probably have been a little wider.

Once I’d added the gusset it virtually rectified the issue. I am no longer self-conscious about the drag lines and I’m happily wearing my Bob Pants again.

You can sew the Style Arc Bob Pants in a sew along in the Love & Stitches Club. Bite size videos to hold your hand every step of the way so you can confidently sew clothes that get you compliments.

Alison xx

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