The Amazing Technicolour Jean Coat

by | Oct 26, 2020

I had a dream for quite some time of this Lichen Duster jean coat. I originally started making this in May during lockdown. The idea for the project came after seeing so many gorgeous versions of this online. And I was further inspired from a box of old jeans I found when moving house.

Technicolour Jean Coat
My Completed Technicolour Jean Coat

I’ve written two previous blog posts on this make you can read them here:

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I always planned it to be a slow sewing project. I just never thought it would take this long!

Cutting out the pieces from old pairs of jeans took much longer than expected. Because I decided to do a “Hong Kong” finish (binding) on all the seams it means that each seam takes a while to sew.


Our naughtly little cat decided to pee in my box of denim with all my pattern pieces in it. I had cut out them all out and the construction process had just started to happen. All my carefully taped together pattern pieces went straight in the bin. And I put all the denim straight in the washing machine. That meant that I lost a little bit off each edge as it frayed in the washing machine!

Dister with the jean coat

Don’t let the fact that it is a slow sew put you off making the Sew Liberated Lichen Duster. It is a beautiful pattern and comes together so nicely. And there are other options for finishing your seams provided in the instructions that are much quicker than binding them all.

Sew Liberated’s ethos is about considered, sustainable sewing. Therefore encouraging you to take a mindful approach to any new sewing project. I love their patterns and this will be the 4th one I have made.

I’ve previously made: Metamorphic Dress, Stasia Dress and the Arenite Pants. All of which are in regular rotation in my wardrobe. I also hope this Lichen Duster will see a similar number of wears, but that it will also be around for many seasons to come.

The final push in getting what I have now dubbed the “Technicolour Jean Coat” finished has been the change in seasons and the need to layer up during lessons as the windows/doors are being kept open to encourage airflow.

bias binding the hem of the jean coat
Checking I’d got enough bias binding for the hem

I discovered a new wonder sewing tool making this duster: the hump jumper! AKA “Bulky Seam Aid”. This handy little gadget helps with going over the bulky seams, helps the feed dogs pull the fabric through and minimises skipped stitches.

Hump jumper useful for my jeans coat

The Completed Jean Coat

It is perfect with layers and I love it belted with a tan leather belt and worn with a heeled boot. So if the occasion was right I might even wear it as a dress, with thick tights and a roll neck jumper underneath.

I had concerns that the patchworked denim could end up creating a hippy chick vibe. But that was not what I was going for, but now that it’s completed and I’ve tried it on with a number of different styling combos, I’m happy that it is just the right side of stylish and I will feel great wearing it.

Now I’m thinking of other fabric options… I’d love it in red velvet for a glamourous wintery feel or sleeveless in linen for an easy to wear layer for extra warmth on colder days or even to throw on and wear open in Summer over jeans and a t shirt.

I have another pile of projects to make queuing up by my sewing machine so those will all have to wait! I’ll keep you all posted with what’s coming up.

Love & Stitches

Alison xx

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