The Power of Clothes to Lift your Mood

by | Feb 15, 2021

During the first lockdown I did Dress Up Friday almost every week. I would choose an outfit that I loved to wear and harnessed the power of clothes to lift your mood.

I kind of forgot about that during this lockdown! This time I’ve been living in secret pyjamas. As you can see from My Hero Dressmaking Patterns of Lockdown 3 post last week.

The weather has been so cold the days are short, I almost forgot about the importance of clothes to lift your mood!

Dress up Friday is Back

So Dress Up Friday is back for me in a big way!

On Friday I did my hair and make-up and put on tights and boots and one of my favourite dresses. The dress reminds me of good nights out with friends and makes me feel good.

Clothes to lift your mood - dress up friday

The dress is the Trend Patterns Twist Dress in a leopard print viscose. And because I’m not crazy and it was minus degrees out there I wore my sparkly turquoise rib Itch to Stitch Hepburn Turtleneck underneath.

Next week, who knows what I’ll be wearing? Anything that reminds me of the good times!

Just because we can’t meet up with friends or go out dancing, doesn’t mean that we can’t wear the clothes that we would wear to do those things. And

Put on proper shoes or boots. (You’re feet will thank you for this one later when we actually have to go back to wearing proper outdoor shoes for more than a dash to the supermarket.) They’ll make you stand tall!

Do your hair and make-up. There’s something quite magical about getting dolled up just to please yourself, when no-one but your household will see you. Even if it’s just a flick of mascara and a bit of lippy. It feels good.

And don’t get me started on colour!

And don’t get me started on colours! Wear the colours that bring you joy!

Do you love a sunny yellow? That can instantly lift your mood and make you smile.

Or a calming blue or green? To help sooth away your stresses.

Whatever colour you love – wear it! Even if it’s much bolder than you usually wear, try it. You never know it could become your signature look.

Remember my Happy Dress that I made to wear on Christmas day? Read about it here.

Clothes to lift your mood - happy dress

Look at the colour and pattern on this baby! I love it, it definitely brings me joy.

When our external sources for joy and excitement are limited, like they are right now, we have to look for the little things like a change of clothes to raise your spirits.

Who’s joining me for Dress Up Friday this week?

Love & Stitches ====

Alison xxx

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