Victorian Inspired Prom Dress

by | Jan 27, 2016

One of my favourite things about being a bespoke dressmaker is some of the unusual requests that clients come to me with and how that allows me to get creative with styles I have never done before.


Bryony came to me wanting a Prom Dress based on the Victorian Style that she loved so much, inspired by an Episode of Doctor Who.


In a consultation with Bryony we discussed what elements of the style were essential to her and how we could work that into a dress for her prom.


To get the look she wanted Bryony wore a corset and hooped underskirt and we designed a high neckline with puffed long sleeves and a bustle style built into the jacket.

Bryony was over the moon with her prom dress.

Should you wish your dress dreams become a reality, please call me on 07957 437001 to book a free consultation.

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