When is a Me Made Garment Truly Finished?

by | Nov 30, 2020

What about finishing touches? Or after the fact adjustments and alterations?

It it finished when you sew the last stitch? Is it finished the first time you wear it? I believe tweaking and finessing can happen throughout the garments lifetime and it’s finished when I say it is!

I said I’d completed my Technicolour Jean Coat back in October and I’ve been wearing it since. But I’ve decided that it needs a few little adjustments.

I’ve added a chain loop to the back for hanging it up. Which has been very useful.

Finishing touches - hanging loop/chain
Hanging Loop/Chain
Finishing Touches
Hanging up my coat

As it was, the facing didn’t sit flat and rolls so that it was visible on the right side of the coat. So I have topstitched it down the inside edge. If this continues to happen and the facing keeps rolling out I will also topstitch all the way round the front edge (1/2cm from the outside). This will hold everything in place.

The facing has been rolling because of the seams on some of the original jeans are creating added bulk. And this is not allowing it to sit flat.

I’ve sewn some large (2cm) metal press studs on so that I can fasten the coat without a belt. The position may need a little tweaking as I think I pull my coat tighter than where I’ve sewn them, but It will allow for me to wear thicker winter clothes to keep me warm underneath.

I’ll decide on this after a bit more wear.

Finishing touches - press studs
Large metal press studs

One more thing I’d like to do is to add some belt loops to hold the belt in place. At the moment I haven’t got a suitable pair of jeans to cut up and take them from!

As you can tell this coat is a work in progress and I will continue to tweak it until it is perfect for me.

I really love wearing it, it does feel like a really special item of clothing.

Sometimes I notice a new detail, that I hadn’t full appreciated before. Such as the way the dark parts (where the pockets once were) line up on this armhole.

Finishing touches - the little details
The front sleeve & armhole

I hope to make myself more slow sewing garments like this one.

Love & stitches

Alison xx

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